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A Cheap, SIMPLE & EASY Summer Wardrobe Makeover for One of Our Fans!

A Cheap, SIMPLE & EASY Summer Wardrobe Makeover for One of Our Fans!

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We received the following e-mail from one of our fans:

“I work in a middle school. My birthday is in July and I am wanting to start a new wardrobe. It is a present to myself. Can you help me spend $100 to build a new wardrobe? I am not a fashionsta and desperately need help with this. I have cute shoes but not outfits to go with them. I am not into designer names, just because I don’t know who they are. I created a “My Style” board on Pinterest and it is what I try to go for but seem to fail when I actually go shopping. I succeed on a hit and miss basis. I welcome the change. I have had the same clothes for several years now. I am overdue. I love seeing your “finds”. Please help me!”

We were more than happy to take this lovely woman shopping for her birthday.

A few of our tips:

  • Start with the basics, such as skinny leg white and dark denim jeans. These were the foundation to he EASY wardrobe makeover, knowing that her day needs to be professional, yet casual. With these staples, she can wear them with tanks and flip flops in the summer and sweaters and boots in the winter.
  • Look for tops that can be worn as a tank in warmer weather and layered under a sweater or jacket when it gets cold.

We also found a few dresses, a sweater and a jacket, giving her a quick wardrobe makeover for well under $100 . . . $30 to be exact, shopping at the Family Thrift Outlet where everything is priced at only $2 each.

She sent us the sweetest message! “I want to thank you both again for taking the time out to help me. I have a better idea now of how to mix and match outfits. I’ll also be doing a lot of thrift shopping this summer. Watching you to go through the racks to try to pair things up showed me I can shop without spending all day in the store. I now have a better idea of how to shop to build a wardrobe rather than just buy pieces of clothing. There is a difference.”

Happy Birthday!!!!!




Robert Martin