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Spring Clothes for the Kids and Men!

Spring Clothes for the Kids and Men!

Written by: Violet Martin

Good morning thrift store shoppers,

I hope you are enjoying your spring break! Family Thrift Centers are in the process of filling it’s many locations with our best spring and summer items. These are the best of what we packed during the fall and winter season. Most of these items are in excellent condition if not brand new!

Below are a few pictures of men’s and children’s from our Collins Park location Arlington, Texas. We all know how fast children grow and buying new clothes, shoes and belts can be expensive. Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree, are just a few brands we have at extremely low prices.







Here’s a few things you may want to keep in mind before shopping at any of our twenty-four locations (not including seven outlets) throughout Texas. It’s important for our customers to understand:

-Designer goods offered for resale cannot be guaranteed authentic.

-Select very carefully

-All items are sold “As is”

-No refunds or exchanges

We have dressing rooms available, so please take your time and try your items on before purchasing.

For our men customers we have some really cool clothing. We have shirts, ties, jeans for play and work. Again, please take the time to try them on. These are used clothing, probably washed a hundred times before we get them. Just because the inside tag may say 34 doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Better to be safe than sorry. Your favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys or TCU if you look, you’re likely to find t-shirts and jersey’s. “Much cheaper than new ones!”


Ralph Lauren for $9.59!


Giovanni Valentino for $24.52!


Tommy Bahama Shirt!

This Neiman Marcus button up!

This Neiman Marcus button up!




With all our great locations in Texas, it is easy to forget Family Thrift Center has really nice thrift store located at 2500 Lemay Ferry Rd, St. Louis MO 63125. This location is currently under new management, so there are lots of exciting changes taking place. Checking this store out would be a great idea if you live in or are planning on visiting St. Louis area. Thanks for reading and check back soon for more post and pictures.

Peace out,


Robert Martin