Family Thrift Center

Rewards program

Earn & Spend Loyalty Rewards

With the Customer Appreciation Sunday Rewards Program you simply present your app QR code or give your telephone number to the cashier at the time of your Monday through Saturday purchase to accumulate points.

Earn Points

Every dollar you spent throughout the week will be equal to a reward point.

Redeem Points

Shop on Sunday to redeem the savings you’ve accumulated the previous week!

Save Money

Save up to 55% off on the first $200 spent. We value your loyalty.

Download the FTC App
And Enjoy Rewards Program

Elevate your Family Thrift Center experience with our exclusive app! Earn loyalty points, access campaign updates, and discover marketing promotions effortlessly. Plus, find your nearest store location with just a tap. Download now and make every visit rewarding!

Discount Percentage

If you spend
Monday to Saturday

Si usted gasta
de Lunes a Sabado
Your Discount
on Sunday is

Su Descuento
en Domingo es
$10.00 - $19.99
$20.00 - $29.99
$30.00 - $39.99
$40.00 - $49.99
$50.00 or more

Important Note

Family Thrift Center has a strict no refund, no return, and no exchange policy. At Family Thrift Center all items are sold “As Is” and all sales are final. Designer goods offered for resale cannot be guaranteed authentic. Items with loose or missing price tags must be reprocessed and therefore will not be sold.